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W r i t e   w h a t   y o u   m e a n ,

M e a n   w h a t   y o u   w r i t e .

The Copyediting Co. offers professional proofreading & formatting, copywriting and editorial services at affordable prices on a freelance basis to Clients of all varieties.

From academic proofreading to production of website copy, book editing, PR & marketing communications and everything in between; we can help you present the highest standard of English in your written documents and communications.


About TCE Co.
The Power of Words

Don't let your written English let you down.

Clear, concise and pertinent written communication is absolutely essential. Whether you are in business, studying in further or higher education or pursuing a course of study abroad, The Copyediting Co. are here to ensure that your writing is of the highest possible standard, even if English is not your first language.


We know that knowledge really is power and will endeavour to help you express what you mean in a professional, fluent and clear manner, tailored to your individual needs and requirements.


The Copyediting Co. offers professional proofreading and editing of your written documents at various levels and would be delighted to provide a quotation for services to meet your requirements.


Why Proofread?

> Proofreading

> Editing

> Copywriting

> Academic & Non-Fiction

> Fiction

> Website Content

> Marketing & PR

> Etc.



Base Rate for Basic Proofreading

£15.00 per 1,000 words / hour.

To ensure your written English (spelling, grammar and punctuation) is the best that it can be. Your draft is checked and any mistakes are corrected.


This service is perfect for clients, students or companies who simply want their essay / documents to be error-free in these areas.

Proofreading Large and/or Specialist Documents

from £15.00 to £25.00

per 1,000 words / hour.

For large documents, documents covering complex subjects, briefs on expedited deadlines, or delivery of specific enhanced proofreading services by request, a variable rate between £15.00 and £25.00 per 1,000 words / hour may be applied to reflect the additional time and resource input required.

Enhanced Copyediting / Copywriting Services

from £30.00 to £50.00

per 1,000 words / hour.


Includes Basic Proofreading correction, plus we will make improvements to sentence structure, clarity and fluency, style and form, continuity and meaning. This ensures that your work is of a consistently excellent quality so it is easy to understand and progresses logically.


We may also be able to offer, where appropriate, content advice. This level of service may be of use to clients for whom English is not their first language or those who may have concerns about their use of language and literacy.

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Get in touch!

Interested in proceeding with a fee quotation?

Hit the buttons below to download our Enquiry Form and get in touch via email.

The following information about your prospective brief will be required to make a meaningful assessment of fees and availability:-

    Type / Medium of Document(s) (eg. report, essay,
      dissertation, literature review, catalogue, brochure,
      web content; etc)

    Subject Area / Brief Topic and Requirements 
      (including any specific criteria or requirements the
      document / brief must meet)

    Description / Scope of Services Required
    Size / Word Count
    Desired Timescale / Deadline Date


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